Roulette is one of the first casino games that were invented and has become a classic that we at always seen as the ultimate casino game. Roulette is a classic game of chance that you play at the casino, both at online and physical casinos. At the internet casinos, the game has become a standard game almost every casino on the internet provides. Along with the Black Jack game, roulette is one of the most played of all time and has been around for many, many years. Read more about the origins of the game below.

Roulette is very simple in structure and you have a good chance of winning against the casino. The casino that offers roulette are listed below. Are you taking part in any of their bonuses, you get the opportunity to play for a lot of money if you just put in a small deposit. So take the chance to play roulette in a casino now and win big money!
roulette live casino

At many internet casinos, there are two variants to play roulette. Partly through a classic video games where the graphics is the game board. However, there are now many internet casino that offers a category called Live Casino. You will play live against a casino and you will see the dealer in real time at a real roulette table. Other players around the world sitting at the same table and you play together. This gives a great feeling of what it might be in a physical casino and is a fun version of the classic video casino.

It is also easy to play roulette at the casino on the internet over the mobile phone. Roulette is so simple and easy to play that it fits itself perfectly to the casino that can be played on mobile.

Roulette is a ball spun around in a bowl with a rotating disc. The ball is spun in the opposite direction to the disc. The disc is numbered from 0 to 36, so there is 37 pockets all in all. When the ball stops in one of these pockets you win if you placed your bet on that specific number. There are also many other ways to place a bet. O, zero, is colored in green. The remaining slots are colored every other black, alternate red. For you as a player at the casino, the opportunity to invest in one of these colors and then has a probability of almost 50% to win. This probability is higher than in most other games at an internet casino! If you bet on the right color, you will double up your stake. There is also a lot of other ways to bet on roulette, the less likely to put the right color or number, the higher the profit opportunity. Learn more about all the ways to bet on below.

There are two types of roulette. The French, as we are accustomed to, and the American type. What distinguishes them is that the American version has a double zero, which changes the game’s odds somewhat. However, it is the French version that has become the most popular and the one that most online casinos have chosen to focus on.


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